How do you charge?

We can give you a fixed price from our database of previously assembled products for most items. On the rare occasion that an item is not on our database and we cannot estimate the assembly time, the work will be done at a time rate of £47.00 for the first hour & £13.00 per 15 minutes after that (inc VAT). See our pricing guide.

Do I need to supply any tools? 

No. Staff members carry all the tools they need. For some very tall wardrobes, our workers may ask to borrow a set of steps.


What insurance do you provide?

We are covered by Public Indemnity insurance for your complete peace of mind.


Who are Cherished Blossoms Handyman? 

We select and carefully employ our team of professionals who will go the extra mile to complete the job as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our handypersons have many years of experience and take enormous pride in their work.


What happens if parts are missing or damaged? 

If there is a missing screw, we may be able to use a spare part from our toolbox, but otherwise, our staff will complete a product report form so you can contact the retailer for replacements. Please be advised that if the job can not be completed due to missing/damaged parts, our minimum £47.00 charge will apply.


Do you offer a kitchen or bathroom fitting service? 

We can assemble free-standing kitchen or bath units but do not install fully fitted kitchens and baths or plumb-in sinks.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and bank transfers.


What are your working hours? 

Our office is open from 09.00 – 21.00 Monday through Saturday/ 12pm -20.00 Sundays. Assembly times are usually between 09:00 – 21.00, although we will make every effort to accommodate our customer’s schedules.


Will you dispose of the packaging? 

We are not licensed to haul away empty packaging, but we will flatten the boxes and tidy them up until your council can collect them.


What about parking and Congestion Charge fees? 

Please be prepared to reimburse our staff members directly for any parking or congestion charges incurred.